How We Help Carpal Tunnel Sufferers in Lacey

We see many carpal tunnel sufferers here at our practice in Lacey. The good news is we can help their condition, reduce pain and nullify the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when the median nerve is infringed upon when it goes through the carpal tunnels in the wrist and this causes pain, numbness or even tingling sensations.

The causes of the condition are widespread. They can be caused by repetitive tasks such as the workplace, sitting at a computer for long hours, or even sports which involve high wrist action such as tennis.

Like medical doctors, chiropractors can help treat the condition. While both medical and chiropractic methods suggest rest, night wrist splints, and time to heal. Where chiropractic really comes to the rescue is in the manipulations and manual therapy that can be done to restore function and reduce pain quicker.

There’s several studies that back up manual manipulation therapies. Here’s two of them.

In The Journal of Hand Surgery, a study was published in its December 2018 edition relating to carpal tunnel syndrome. Ultrasound imaging was taken on both healthy patients and carpal tunnel sufferers and compared. As you would imagine, the median nerve moved much easier with the healthy patients compared to the sufferers.

A second study in the Nov 2018 journal of Clinical Biomechanics measured this cross sectional area of the carpal tunnel before and after manual therapy. The results showed the diameter of the tunnel increased after the manual therapy and also reduced pressure on the median nerve. This therapy which helped to adjust the carpal bones and wrist also helped the shape of the tunnel as well, bringing it back to a more cylindrical shape.

The results from this study were consistent with other studies also showing manual manipulations and therapies are indeed beneficial to carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers.

At Warwick Chiropractic, we use these same therapies on our patients to help restore proper function to the carpal tunnel, to reduce inflammation, reduce pain and correct the shape of the tunnels too. These therapies are key to helping you get back to normal use of your wrists and hands for whatever you need to do. This is how we treat carpal tunnel syndrome in Lacey and would encourage you to come and seek treatment with us as soon as possible.

If you have pain in your wrists, come in and see us. It is better to get treated as soon as possible because the effects of the syndrome do come on slowly over time as well. Earlier treatment means less pain and an easier job for us to get you out of pain.

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