We see a fair few hip complaints each month at Warwick Chiropractic. While not as common as back pain, hip pain can be problematic and the good news is we can help reduce and even eliminate hip pain. Hip pain can be the result of many different causes, from sports injuries to work related issues and even general wear and tear. Here’s a few of the more common hip issues we encounter.

Muscle Strains

This is perhaps the most common injury to hip and groin, particularly from some kind of weight bearing job or if you are running and twisting and putting a great deal of stress on the area and the muscles contract or shortens, these things will create some hip type pain. If they are left untreated, over time they can turn into bursitis.


Bursitis is a fluid sac which is used to provide lubrication to help muscles, tendons and bones glide over one another smoothly and easily. Trauma, overuse or an on going injury can lead to inflammation which in turn leads to poor range of motion and pain.


Contusions are a direct blow or injury to the hip itself. These are generally caused by contact sports or even auto accidents or personal injuries.

Stress Fractures

These are particularly common in runners and more common in women than men due to decreasing bone density due to age.

Labral Tears

A typical sign of labral tears comes in the form of clicking or popping of the joint and increased stiffness and pain.


Impingements in the form of bone spurs, arthritis and general wear and tear of the ball joint come under the classification of impingement. Once again, inflammation around the area causes poor movement and increased pain.

Osteitis Pubis

This injury is normally a sports related injury but can also be a result of giving birth as well. It deals with muscle pulls of the groin area.

Sports Hernias

In high intensity sports such as hockey, soccer and football where sudden changes of direction put pressure on the muscles around the hip and upper thigh which can cause these muscles to weaken and generate pain and discomfort.

These are the majority of the common hip complaints that we see here at our chiropractic practice here in Lacey. We are able to help reduce pain and sometimes eradicate it altogether through our therapies and adjustments. Chiropractic care is a great conservative and non drug treatment therapy that gets to the cause of the problem and treats the source rather than the symptoms.

If you are struggling with hip pain and it won’t go away, come in and see us. We are walk in friendly, but we do accept appointments if you want to be seen at a specific time.

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