Motor vehicle collisions often lead to whiplash associated disorders. Whiplash can also occur from any other sort of accident such as a fall, sports injury, or more. Our Lacey chiropractic often gets the question: “How long will my whiplash take to improve?”

The type and level of the injury, type of care, the longing to get better, and other factors are key to how fast a patient recovers from whiplash associated disorders. This is what research is saying regarding longer recovery time from whiplash.

One Danish study claims that whiplash associated disorder patients with instant, intense neck pain/stiffness are more likely to be disabled a year after the injury than patients with delayed symptoms or low intensity pain. Researchers also found that they could recognize patients at risk for a longer disability within a week of the accident but combining scores for neck pain and other symptoms associated with WAD.

This study involved 141 adults who received care within two days of the MVC who had symptoms of WAD (without amnesia or loss of consciousness). No patients had any back or neck problems before the accident. The study found that 75% of the patients with decreased neck motion reported disability after one year.

The research also found that patients involved in lawsuits had no more or less risk of suffering from a long term disability. Another study done by an online survey filled out by 127,959 people found that severity of the accident, unrealistic expectations during recovery, dizziness, numbness in arms, and low back pain expanded the risk of a worse recovery.

So hopefully, this answers the question how long will my whiplash take to improve, but if you have any questions, please contact us.

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