What is Whiplash?

Did you know that whiplash is a 30 year old term? Whiplash describes the neck and or back condition that patients commonly suffer after a side or rear end auto accident. If proper treatment isn’t immediately taken, 40% of whiplash sufferers will be at risk for developing a long term chronic condition months after the initial accident or injury. 

What to Do if You Have Whiplash

The first action you should take after an accident is reducing inflammation. This happens when muscles and ligaments are injured. Pain doesn’t always show up immediately. You may think you’re okay, but then wake up the next morning with neck and back pain. By visiting a Warwick Chiropractic as soon as you can, you reduce the risk for chronic pain to linger.

Chiropractic care also restores muscle movement. Joints can become stiff from swelling and pain in the area, which is another main factor of whiplash. A patient will ultimately limit their range of motion if they are experiencing pain which leads to more long term problems. 

Other Whiplash Issues

Another byproduct of whiplash is scar tissue. Scar tissue will patch injured tendons and muscles; like band aid but not as organized. Scar tissue prevents proper range of motion and tightens up the area. Chiropractic care will stretch the scar tissue areas out to help break it up and not hinder motions. 

Chiropractic care has been studied for long amounts of time and has been shown to be effective in treating many things such as whiplash injuries. Whiplash can also affect other areas of the body, so it is important to treat the whole body. 

Come in and See Us

If you experience stress and pain after a whiplash injury, don’t panic. It is pretty normal. We can help with this pain, and will treat your body as a whole. Along with spinal manipulation, we can prescribe exercises, nutrition plans, and education to further a patient’s understanding of their condition. Moreover, we can utilize our massage therapists to provide great soft tissue massage and trigger point therapies to further improve healing. 

Walk in and see us and experience our whiplash treatment in Lacey or call us 360-951-4504.

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