How many of you are interested in becoming a chiropractor? Or know someone that is?

I am delighted to share that I am happy to be one of the Founders of Washington Chiropractic College.

When this opportunity presented itself I did not hesitate. I wanted to be able to share and give back to the people, the students and patients. I knew this opportunity would live beyond my years.

Being part of this school has so many levels of opportunity. I am certainly looking forward to educate these young Doctor’s of the future whether on the campus or clinical settings.

This school will be on a smaller scale for more individualized attention. And a robust field and clinical experience all the while giving the high level education to meet and exceed the benchmarks for Boards and testing that all Chiropractors must obtain for licensure.

This is an incredible honor and I am truly happy to be part of something that gives back.

Dr David Warwick founding member of Washington Chiropractic College

Giving Back to the Chiropractic Community

Being a chiropractor has enabled me to help so many patients find relief from their pain, and now I am part of a larger organization that’s core values are to teach new chiropractic students the science and to get them fully qualified and helping even more patients.

I promised to share a little more about what the program entails. So here goes…

Washington Chiropractic College is a 4-year program culminating in a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree.

As a boutique-style chiropractic college based on the successful New Zealand College of Chiropractic model, we enroll one class per year, accepting no more than 75 students per class. This competitive enrollment process will result in a maximum student body of 300, increasing student success and lowering tuition costs.

Chiropractor College Washington

The Program

Upon graduating students will be abundantly prepared to:

Serve patients

With rigorous hands-on and clinical experience throughout their education, graduates will feel confident delivering patient care, from their adjusting skills to evaluation and management of patients.

Run a practice

Upon graduation, most chiropractors enter private practice. With ample education in the business aspect of running a successful and profitable healthcare practice, graduates will feel excited and prepared to open and run their practice.

Be empowered communicators

Communication is the key to many aspects of practice. Doctors will graduate with strong roots in the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic. Coupled with a strong foundation in the communication of chiropractic principles, graduates will be capable of leading their community in understanding, embracing, and adopting a salutogenic* philosophy of life and health, thus impacting the health and wellbeing of their community.

Become outrageously successful

By establishing a value of life-long learning, focused on personal and professional development, graduates will enjoy fulfilment and financial success in their personal and professional life.  In time, this will prepare and empower them to pay it forward, giving their time, expertise and financial gifts to their family, community, and profession.

Become leaders in the profession

With a strong foundation in leadership skills, chiropractic principles and practice, as well as current science and research, their experience will give them the tools necessary to become leaders in the profession.

Positively impact global health and wellbeing.

Updates to come as we get closer to opening the enrollment process.

For more information go to

As you can see, the program is heavily focused on not only training students to become chiropractors, but also to help them create and run their own practices, to impart their knowledge onto their patients and much more.

I will finish this message off with this:

“Honor the Chiropractors that paved the way for us, thank the Chiropractors of today and lead the generations of Chiropractors of the future. Looking forward to teaching these future doctors!”

If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a chiropractor, I invite you to learn more direct from the Washington Chiropractic College. Of course, I would be happy to talk to anyone wishing to discuss more about the possibility of being a chiropractor and how this college can help them.

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