While each season provides us with something different to appreciate (and perhaps even not like), fall is one of the really special ones. We still get nice weather but the colors we experience are phenomenal as foliage changes from green to the beautiful reds, browns and stunning golden shades. This is certainly one of the great things about the fall season, but the downside is when these leaves begin falling creating all kinds of potential hazards. And this is what this post is about. How to successfully negotiate them.

Tip 1 Wear Appropriate Footware

Flip flops should be out by now with the cooler temperatures, but with leaves falling, showers and even icy mornings, slip and falls become more common. So wear good shoes or boots with good grip. Moreover, good shoes can help with any tripping hazards that leaves may cover up such as uneven sidewalks, rocks or other obstacles hidden by leaves.

Tip 2 Walk Carefully & Keep Your Hands Free

Following on from the first tip, watch how you walk. Conditions may be slippery through rain or frost and it can be harder to negotiate. Moreover, keep your hands free so that if you do fall, your hands can break the fall reducing the chances of injury. So keep your phone in a pocket, rather than walking around with it in your hands.

Tip 5 What to Do When Cleaning up Leaves

This next section deals with leaf and yard cleanup.

If you have any sort of yard, chances are you will have a bunch of leaves needing to be cleared up. This can generate back pain and there’s a few things you can do to avoid this. Firstly, employ someone else to clear them. If that’s not an option and you have to do it, then consider warming up first. Raking is essentially exercise and if you just jump in and rake, you could be asking for injury. So warm up first with some simple stretches.

Then you could also wear a back brace to provide support while you are clearing them. This can really make a difference in reducing pain, especially if you are bending over and raking.

Finally, take frequent breaks and if you can, get help alongside you. Many hands make light work.

So while fall is a stunning time of year in terms of weather, the colors and the change from sunny days into winter nights, it can be hazardous too, so be careful. Hopefully these tips will help and go some way to preventing injury and pain. Remember, a fall can generate back or neck pain as a side effect so it is important to be as careful as possible.

Wear better shoes, watch wear you walk, take time to warm up before raking leaves and this will help prevent injury.

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