Headaches Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Fibromylgia Book

What Do These Symptoms Have In Common?

A very simple and straight forward answer to this complex question is that they all require a multi-faceted health care approach.

There is not one single right answer or method when approaching these complex conditions. A team of health practitioners will offer you diverse methods and approaches that come from many different angles with each opinion complimenting the next.

Each individual may experience one or all of these symptoms, and by utilizing many methods and practitioners (each offering their unique professional opinion and approaches based upon research, experience and methods), patients may find relief.

All, some, or none of this information can be right for you, as you are an individual. Whether you have tried medicine, naturopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, yoga, exercise, or nutrition, there is one method that stands out in my mind after years of working with individuals suffering with headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome or fibromyalgia: a team-approach that YOU find moves you toward health and away from a dis-ease state.

Not one blood study, saliva test, doctor’s opinion, or feedback test will give you that ONE answer.

I have seen individuals embrace multi-facet approaches and move along the wellness spectrum to a better quality of health and life.

And while I see individuals having measurable changes with other methods or modalities, the one method most embraced and the primary approach for continued support for those suffering with these conditions was … Chiropractic.

As my patients will tell you, I do not believe there is one right path but  when utilizing multiple methods of Chiropractic techniques, working with other health care providers on concurrent care, and having a close communicative approach with each individual, my patients receive measurable results that many times exceeds my expectations as well as theirs.

I am happy to share the insights of this book and invite you to open yourself to the many healing possibilities there for you.

Never give up hope – for your health now and into the future!

Yours In Health, Dr. David M. Warwick

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