You Ask: What is the Best Mattress for Your Back?

It’s a question I’m asked a lot. There really is no best mattress, but there are many considerations to be taken into account. Mattresses are available in different types, market foam, water, coiled as well as a mixture of all these. All these mattresses are suited for different purposes and have you ever wondered as to which one is the best for your back. Soft, firm or medium can also be chosen and lets us look as to what is the perfect option.

A poll conducted among orthopedic surgeons revealed that 95% of them believed that mattresses play a crucial role in back pain management and 75% of them were of the view that firm mattress is the most suitable option. These are just findings and their benefits are sure of.


A study in Oklahoma State University provided that around 60 people was reported healthy and fit and their mattresses were older than 5 years or so. The study further reported that these people with form spring mattresses were less prone to back pain as well as shoulder stiffness and have good sleeping habits as well as comfort. However the study did not come up with any suitable findings when while reviewing prior studies and review were mixed among foam VS coil as well as water beds. The study raised the question whether a new bed is better than the old one?

There are many studies that have tried and measured and the difference between different mattresses. Several chiropractors also came up with studies that focused attention on spinal distortion and maximum pressure. The chiropractor experts concluded that the main goal of a mattress should be to offer you minimal pressure and should give you least spinal distortion.

One such study done by South Korean researchers claimed that people gave highest marks to those mattresses on which their spinal curve while down was similar to that while standing. This study was backed by a six day long research where follow up was done and participant’s brain movements chin movement, the rhythm as well as eye movements were measured in a laboratory. The study was quite conclusive and found that participants enjoyed long durations of deep sleep and woke less often when they rated the mattresses as comfortable.

Another study conducted in Spain found out comfort can only be measured when it is related to how well the pressure of the body of the user is distributed over the whole mattress.

Another study came up with an idea and took help of approximate 300 people who faced chronic back issues. These individuals were divided in two groups and were asked to sleep either on a firm mattress or medium firm mattress for 90 days. The study prove quite conclusive and found that people who used medium firm mattresses got more comfort and faced problems like back pain or pain on rising.


It is after all the findings and studies, it has been concluded that Doctors should recommend mattresses that are medium firm and proves suitable for spines and helps distribute body weight evenly. So, the best mattress needs to be one that fits into that criteria.

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