Did you know that low back pain is such a common condition that patients often try to self manage before visiting our chiropractor here in Lacey? You may be aware of a piece of medical equipment known as the back brace that you always see in the likes of Walgreens etc. This could potentially help patients with this pain.

However, opinion on these belts has been mixed over the years. For instance, a review done in 2008 stated that lumbar belt use does not prevent low back pain. Recent studies say otherwise.

So let’s discuss this in today’s article. 

A study done in 2021 had 30 office workers (15 with low back pain and 15 without) try sit-to-stand movements while wearing either an extensible lumbar belt, a non-extensible lumbar belt, or no lumbar belt at all.

Researchers used a 3D motion analysis and a force plate to find that lumbar belt use did provide benefits with lumbar lordosis and total trunk range of motion in all 30 workers!

In the 15 workers with low back pain, the belt reduced pain intensity, pain anxiety, and fear of movement. All types and brands of lumbar belts yielded these same results.

While this research is great news, we would like to say that prolonged use of the lumbar belt is not recommended for the patient. Bracing can restrict normal movement and weaken deep muscles. These both help stabilize the spine. Back pain guidelines suggest movement with low back pain and discourage prolonged rest. 

Consider this… Did you know that the average person will do the sit-stand motion about 60 times per day? This gives about 56-64 percent total lumbar sagittal mobility. Oftentimes, sitting and standing can be very painful for those with low back pain, so the lumbar belt may help a patient while they are under care to address their back pain.

Some additional studies are needed before coming to a conclusion on low back pain where treatment guidelines adjusted, but it is clear that the braces do help patients in recovery for low back pain when not used for an extremely long amount of time.

If you are in pain, come see us today. Low back pain can be serious and should be treated by us so that no further damage is caused. All chiropractors at our office follow a standard set of treatment protocols, dubbed The Warwick Way to ensure all patients receive the highest level of care.

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