Can Chiropractic Help my Baby with Colic?

Colic is a very distressing condition for parents and baby alike, and has led to many parents seeking answers. One question that has been asked is can chiropractic help my baby with colic?

What is Colic Exactly?

No one really knows what causes colic, it’s something of a mystery. Any baby is suspect to its effects, and is normally applied to a baby who cries for more than 3 or so hours per day several times a week for more than three weeks. It generally disappears after the baby is three or four months old.


What is the Cause of Colic?

As already noted, there are no real answers for this, there are theories, but until a baby can speak to let us know exactly what it is they are feeling and where, it may be a mystery for many years to come.

What Treatment’s are Available?

Many methods that parents employ include changing routines, so using a pacifier, changing from bottle to breast feeding or vice versa, changing formula, even changing the size of the hole in the bottle teat. Other methods include soothing music, white noise such as a gentle hum or machine, trying motion like in a swing, driving the baby around and so on. Anything that you feel could help and change the routine slightly.

What about Chiropractic then?

Chiropractic works well in children and adults for many symptoms, and gentle chiropractic care may have a positive effect on the baby. Many people have tried chiropractic care for their young ones and found that a manipulation in the mid thoracic region has been shown to help. So can chiropractic care help my baby with colic? It seems that it can help, and will most certainly help for the general well being of the child.

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