Of course, the prevention of low back pain is virtually impossible to eliminate, but there are things that can be done in a proactive manner in which can lessen the possibility of low back pain from occurring. Naturally, our chiropractic treatment in Lacey is one such way, but there are many others. Exercise is one such way, and we can even suggest good exercises for you to do to help with a variety of joint pains. You can find many of these exercises described and demonstrated here.

So what’s the deal with exercise? What type is best?

First off, the best type of exercise is what you enjoy doing most (in general). If you hate doing it, getting motivated to do it is going to be very difficult. So do what you enjoy.

Do you enjoy walking? Do you have dogs? Walking is one of the best exercises you can do anyway, if you enjoy it that’s even better. And then you can build out from there, cycling, aerobics, yoga, ball sports and so on. All will help keep you fit and build muscles up which in turn are going to support your joints more.

Specific back exercises can also be very beneficial. As pointed out in the above link, there are many options to back exercises. You could also do exercises that are specific to you or what feels good for your back for instance. Can you touch your toes? How does it feel when you try? Is it painful or does it feel like a good stretch? If it feels good, this might be a good exercise to stick with and develop.

Does bending backwards work for you? How does that make you feel? You could try exercises such as placing your hands behind your lower back and bending backwards or even using gym balls to lay on with your lower back and stretching that way.

Your pelvic region may even be weak and this can be a cause of lower back pain. Exercising this region can significantly help with back pain. You could try to bend one knee while placing your hands on your lower back and raising your chest up toward the ceiling and holding the position for some seconds. There are many more things you can do.

Of course if you do any lifting, learn how to lift the right way using your legs, hips and knees and NOT your back and never overdo it.

Once again, check out our exercise page and see what appeals to you. There’s many videos for you to watch here and know that we have prescribed these exercises to many patients as they look to manage their pain or prevent it. They do work.

If you are suffering greatly though, come in and see us and we can help you. We are walk in friendly, but if you want to make an appointment you can as well. Call us 360-951-4504 if you want any more info as well.

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