Back and neck pain are very common complaints. The majority of cases we see here in our Lacey chiropractic clinic are back pain related, but neck pain is becoming more and more common too. Reasons for this include changes in technology, we’re looking down at smart phones and computers so much more for example. Also sports injuries and auto accidents bring a lot of neck pain issues as well. Sometimes it’s not even possible to discover why a patient has neck pain.

However, when someone has neck or back pain, many still turn to medication for help in reducing the pain. While this can provide temporary relief, it by no means fixes the problem. Generally speaking, medication merely treats the symptoms rather than the cause.

A study was undertaken on 272 neck pain patients. They were split into three equal groups, each group experiencing a different type of treatment. The first group was treated with medication, the second group was treated with home exercises under advice, and the third group had chiropractic adjustments.

The study lasted for a year and regular updates were made throughout that time.

It was found that after 26 weeks, the home exercise group showed a better outcome compared to the group who were solely taking medication. However, the chiropractic group were already showing significant improvements over both groups after just 8 weeks!

Moreover, around 60% of the medication group were experiencing side effects of their treatment including drowsiness and stomach issues, while around 46% of the exercise group complained of aches and soreness as a consequence to their treatments. The chiropractic group showed no side effects at all.

In this case, there is a clear winner, and proof that the best of both worlds can exist. Chiropractic care had the best outcomes (because it treated the cause, not the symptoms) and it had no side effects either!

So if you are suffering back pain or neck pain, try chiropractic as your first port of call. We are happy to help you get out of pain here in Lacey WA, and have treated and helped so many patients over the years. It’s what we do, and we love seeing patients get their lives back.

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