Who Benefits from Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic care is becoming more and more mainstream, but the question I have been asked of late is who benefits from chiropractic treatment? The simple answer is many people suffering from many different conditions from straight forward back pain to accident injuries and even fibromyalgia.

Personal Injury & Accident Injury Victims

Many people do not realize that even if you have been in a minor accident and do not feel injured, the likelihood is that you most likely have. It’s likely that you have suffered from a whiplash injury, and this needs to be treated properly. Fibers in your neck will have been torn, and will heal incorrectly without proper therapy. This can lead to long term issues and pain, by which time any possibility of an insurance claim is way in the past. Chiropractors such as myself form a great way to get you treated, readjusted and also provide you with the documentation you will need if you are looking at making a claim.

Sciatica and Back Pain

Back pain and sciatica forms the majority of chiropractic treatment patients. These are people who are suffering from temporary pain or chronic pain. We are able to treat with adjustments, physical therapies and provide education on how to manage the condition until it goes away.

Sports Injuries

We often see people who participate in a lot of sports who have injured themselves, pulled muscles and so on. We recently helped a few martial artists who came in for various issues. You can see one of them being adjusted on this YouTube video.


Fibromyalgia patients can get a lot of relief through chiropractic care. By manipulating and adjusting them, it means trapped nerves are released, stress is reduced on the joints, and it helps relieve tension over these areas. Fibromyalgia is a very complex condition that isn’t fully understood, but chiropractic treatment alongside other methods can greatly reduce suffering.

Shoulder Issues

People with shoulder pain can get great relief from chiropractic treatment. It is very important to note that shoulder pain can lead to something worse down the line, as adhesions and scar tissue will form on any untreated joint. Over time this can build up and cause great pain and distress and even prevent proper movement. Once again, chiro treatment helps break this scar tissue up and keep the joint fluid.

General Wellness

Indeed, you don’t even have to have a condition to see a chiropractor. Many people come in to be adjusted once a month, just to ensure they are in top condition. Prevention is better than cure, and for these people, chiropractic treatment forms an important part of their overall wellness alongside other treatments and methods.

So many people can benefit from chiropractic treatment, from those injured or in pain, to those who simply want to ensure they stay fit and healthy.

Which are you? Any questions, give us a call, we’d love to help you.

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