My Chiropractor Said I Have a Short Leg?

Leg Length Variation and short leg – Why it matters. Your spinal cord is housed by the spine and nerve roots continually communicate for organs to function properly in the body; for this reason, proper alignment is important to minimize damage, possible leg sciatica pain, and triggered pain which might eventually require back and neck pain relief.

In this article, Chiropractor Dr David Warwick who practices in Lacey Olympia WA near Seattle Tacoma WA region, and surrounding areas, will inform patients of proper leg length, its effect on posture, treatments and assessing the possible issues.

Your leg’s length plays a role in your body’s overall posture. If leg length discrepancy is an issue, the base (which is the pelvis) can’t maintain a level position, sometimes causing leg sciatica pain and other body aches requiring back and neck pain relief. Doctors in all fields of practice, including Chiropractor Dr. David Warwick are familiar with the issue of leg length discrepancy (commonly known as short leg), as they consider the possibility of knee replacement surgery. Genetic predisposition, trauma during early years of development, and other injuries sometimes cause these discrepancies.

When treating patients in Lacey Olympia WA near Seattle Tacoma WA region and surrounding areas, differing treatment plans are available. One being a heel lift with arch supports, being placed in the shoe of the shorter leg. But, with adults, it has been reported that about 66% correction occurs, meaning a 6.6 mm leg discrepancy exists.

A gradual increase of heel lifting has been found to be a popular technique with many doctors. They begin with a 5 mm lift, at weekly intervals, before increasing to the next height (ex 7 mm), 9 mm, and so on.

However, once a thickness of 12 mm is reached, issues with the lift falling out of or moving in the shoe occur. This limits this treatment for certain patients. In such instances, a shoe cobbler or online sites, offer such services to help design custom shoes or lifts, for patients who will undergo this treatment method.

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