We are seeing some common hip complaints and injuries in our Lacey Olympia clinic lately. These have been impacting our patients daily activities and work and also sporting life. Here’s a few of the more usual complaints we are seeing.


Where the muscles attach to the bone, is a fluid filled sac known as the bursa. This is meant to lubricate the tendons and muscles so that they function effectively and effortlessly. When injuries occur to them, their proper function is affected which can result in problems and pain.


A contusion is formed from a direct blow to the hip. It forms a common cause of bursitis.

Muscle Strains

Perhaps the most common injury we see in Lacey, Olympia, strains form after extensive exercise like running, working, jumping and climbing aongst other activities. Decreasing weight can help significantly with the chances of suffering this injury.

Labral Tear

Bordering the hip socket, the labrum is a ring, quite thick which adds support and depth to the hip joint When it tears, loss of range of motion, pain and stiffness result.

Stress Fracture

A stress fracture is most likely to occur in female long distance runners who suffer a nutritional deficiency.

Femoroacetabular Impingement

A femoroacetabular impingement forms when bone spurs occur on the rum of the hip socket. The net result can be osteoarthritis and a torn labram.

Sports Hernias

Occurring in athletes whose rapid movements and changes in direction at high speeds put pressure on thigh muscles, and abdominal muscles.

Osteitis Pubis

This occurs through the repetitive muscle pulling from athletes such as soccer and hockey players, again due to the high impact and change of directions.

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