Poor posture is all around us. You wouldn’t believe as a chiropractor, how often I see people with rounded shoulders, heads down, slouched in seats and more. It’s no wonder why many people come in to see chiropractors and physical therapists with back pain and neck pain as improper posture is one of the biggest contributors. If any other issues reside, poor posture will amplify the problem as well. Fortunately, through training and exercise and chiropractic care, this part of the problem can be easily eradicated.

Studies and research have shown many positive impacts exercise and chiro care can have on improving posture and thus reducing pain. For example:

  • Teenagers with heads bent forward (perhaps from too much texting!) showed significant improvement when neck and shoulder exercises was incorporated into their physcial education program.
  • 99 older adults with a bent forward posture underwent a 6 month exercise program which included an hour specific exercise three times a week showed improved spinal curvature and even more confidence.
  • And two groups of younger adults had shoulder stabilization exercises which led to better balance, posture, felxibility and strength.

Further studies showed and recommended specific exercise for neck pain to help improve posture. In 2008, Neck Pain Task Force suggested this and in 2016 a paper in the journal Spine emphasized that these exercises were also good for whiplash associated problems as well.

One of the many things we do is to suggest specific exercises to help with neck and back pain in order to improve posture. In fact we have a series of videos up that provide some great exercises that you can try right now. Check them out here.

And we have more tricks up our sleeves to help you as well. Come in and see us anytime, we would love to help you. Getting patients out of pain and back to a full life is why we do what we do. We are walk in friendly, but if you want to make an appointment, we can help you there as well. Call today 360-951-4504.

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