There are many virtues of deep, controlled breathing for helping to destress or to help with depression, but the question has been asked, does deep breathing help pain relief? There have been a few studies on it but results have been somewhat inconsistent, so further research is most certainly necessary. Having said that, one study, done back in 2012 seemed to suggest that the power of the mind in how you think along with deep breathing may help to reduce pain. here at Warwick Chiropractic in Lacey, we sometimes suggest some kind of meditation can be beneficial to better health, and certainly the power of positive thinking is always going to help make things seem better as well.

Back to the study, researchers looked at 16 adults who practiced deep, slow breathing in two states: relaxed and distracted. In the relaxed state, they were told to focus on the breathing, slow deep breaths in to to relax. In the distracted state, they were asked to do the same and to also carry out instructions on a computer screen at the same time.

Moreover, while this study took place over a period of 6 months, the participants were asked not to do any form of meditation for the duration, nor to research or gain any other information about deep breathing.

The results of the study confirmed that in both cases, they study group had reductions in tension, stress and other negative emotions. Interestingly though, in the tests where only deep breathing was permitted, the researchers discovered that the group had improvements with pain thresholds and certain stimuli in comparison to when they were more distracted.

This result certainly fits in with the overall message of practiced meditation and how it has been beneficial to many who have practiced it in the past and today. Even activities such as yoga could be placed in this category in mindful meditation and the benefits to helping to reduce pain and also mood are extremely good.

So while research into deep, slow breathing and pain relief should continue, for the time being to help reduce pain, stay mindful of your breathing and meditate to help your mood, your mind and your positiveness to help reduce any pain you may have. So does deep breathing help pain relief? There certainly does seem to be evidence that it does and this in conjunction with chiropractic care, proper exercises and therapy, you will likely have a very powerful natural arsenal against back or neck pain.

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