Many back pain issues are caused by improper lifting techniques. It’s a pretty common issue and we do see a lot of chiropractic patients here in Lacey with back pain caused by poor lifting techniques. It’s easily done, you’re in a hurry, or you try and pick something up “on the fly” and you feel your back twinge, and the pain starts.

And back pain is no fun, so we are going to simply point out the correct way to lift with some neat tips to bear in mind before and during lifting.

Warm Up First

Lifting is a physical activity and what do you do before doing a physical activity (or rather, what should you do)? You warm up. So if you’ve been sitting for a while and are then going to lift something, it’s a good idea to do a little light exercise or stretch to get your muscles warmed up. This can save a lot of injuries.

Lifting Stance

Prior to lifting the object, stand close, in front of it, with your feet spread apart, roughly shoulder width.

Lifting Action

Squat down by bending your knees and keep your back as straight as possible. A good way to think of this is if you imagine if you have a fluorescent tube strapped to your back from your hips to your head. The trick is not “break” this tube as you lift.

So with this in mind, slowly lift by moving your hips forward and straightening your legs.

Congratulations, you have reduced your risk of injury by a considerable amount.

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