Fibromyalgia Exercises – Why it is Key to Improving Your Condition.

Fibromyalgia exercises are very important to help manage this condition. The condition, fibromyalgia, (also known as FM), is a central nervous system disorder, as opposed to a musculoskeletal condition. It had been categorized as a musculoskeletal condition for many years. Chiropractor adjustments are one of the many ways which FM lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches are treated. In addition to visiting a chiropractor, pain relief methods include: tissue massage, diet for FM, exercise, stress management, sticking to a routine schedule, and supplementation, among others. Mental fog and chronic fatigue are among the leading symptoms FM sufferers deal with. This month we will focus on exercise as a key focal point to pain relief for FM sufferers. Dr David Warwick DC of Lacey Olympia Washington has been treating FM sufferers for many years. He often provides his patients with some key fibromyalgia exercises to work on.

Fibromyalgia Exercises Give Relief

Everyone can benefit from walking, not just FM sufferers. In fact, Dr. Marily Oppezzo (a doctoral adjunct professor from Stanford University), along with Dr. Daniel Schwarz (a professor at Stanford), have published convincing reports indicating walking not only benefits the joints and body, but the brain as well. It is even possible to improve levels of creativity simply by walking. A number of participants walking indoor (treadmill) or outdoors, have shown improvements in levels of creativity over a period of time in studies these doctors have conducted. This means whether dealing with snowy conditions in Wisconsin, or extreme heats down in Florida, indoor treadmill walking is just as beneficial as the outdoors.

Research and previous studies have shown that regular exercise to treat lower back pain, neck pain, and general body pain, has long been tied to improved cognitive functions (brain power). It was not until this study was conducted that the benefits of walking, in comparison to sitting, hadn’t previously been recorded. The research proved that individuals produced twice as many creative responses while walking, in comparison to those who were sitting for extended periods of time. Authors were surprised by the fact that walking indoors, produced the same results as outdoor walking. And, creative juices continued pumping even when these test subjects sat back down after their walks! Sure, walking benefits FM sufferers by targeting low back treatment, neck and body pain, as well as headaches which FM sufferers typically deal with, but what other exercises can help?

Slow and Steady

A psychiatrist (and FM specialist), Dr. Lesley Arnold, from the University of Cincinnati school of Medicine, recommended slow and steady was the way to go when beginning low back treatment, and exercise routines in general. Physical health fitness assessments must be conducted first. Individuals should begin 1 to 2 tiers below this level when exercising. A goal of 20 to 30 minutes, 5 to 6 days weekly, should be the ultimate goal for FM sufferers. Low impact and high aerobic output are ideal; her studies also showed that water based exercises helped eliminate joint pain over time. Water running (against or with the current), while swinging the arms, was one of the best exercises FM sufferers could engage in.

Arthritis Research & Therapy also published a study which showed improved health for women suffering from FM who participated in water aerobics regularly. Group based classes promote camaraderie and help push individuals to work harder during these classes; in turn, exercise becomes fun, social, and something FM sufferers actually look forward to doing! Being that FM is a nervous system disorder means that simply balancing the body weight is beneficial for FM sufferers to do regularly. Balance challenging exercises can be added in, based on the age, fitness levels, and ability of FM sufferers, as part of their routine exercise program. Fore more ideas visit for a balanced routine.

Fibromyalgia exercises are a key comopent to managing and even defeating this horrid affliction.

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