Back pain is undoubtedly the most common ailment we see at Warwick Chiropractic. However, back pain like other ailments does not necessarily mean that it is the back that has caused the pain. In many cases it can be hip issues that reflect the pain into the back. Many other parts of the body do this, neck problems can generate problems in the wrist for example. Knee pain could be caused by the feet. It’s therefore very important for us to understand what is going on and to treat accordingly. The back and hip are so closely linked that the cause could be one or the other, or indeed a combination of the two.

With this said, we follow specific protocols and guidelines as we look to identify and treat the cause. So we follow this type of process to understand fully our patient’s issue in order to treat the right area of the body.

Firstly, we like to talk to the patient and listen to the complaint. It’s an obvious start, but quite essential.

Next we will want to review medical history. We need to know of previous injuries, accidents, surgeries and anything else that may be pertinent to the issue.

We’ll also ask if the patient smokes, drinks and what their diet is. All this is necessary to help with the diagnosis.

When we perform the examination, we’ll ascertain where the pain comes from, look at other areas of the body that may cause that pain, look at posture and how the patient walks. We’ll look at specific range of motion that the patient can perform and all of this helps build a picture of what’s going on.

The more we know, the more we can understand and treat properly.

Now all of this may sound like common sense, and it certainly is, but the key difference is that we look at the entire body when it comes to pain. So going back to back pain or hip pain, we will look at and pay significant attention to both areas, not just the area where the pain is. That way we can be sure to treat the cause and not merely the symptoms. Treating the cause is the best chance of getting the patient out of pain on a long term basis.

Getting patients out of pain and back to a full life is why we do what we do. We are walk in friendly, but if you want to make an appointment, we can help you there as well. Call today 360-951-4504.

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