Kinesiophobia: the fear of movement. This is a frequent problem we see in patients that suffer from chronic low back pain (cLBP), because of their pain. If a patient is not moving enough, this causes muscle weakness and atrophy. Then, a domino effect begins. Muscle weakness and atrophy end up causing even less movement and activity which leads to more issues that can affect your living habits, and even spark depression. So with this being said, the best reviewed chiropractor in Lacey wants you to know that the risk for flair ups of low back pain go up when the muscles become weaker and atrophied. We are going to tell you the best ways to avoid this problem altogether.

A recent study done showed that when looking at muscles in the front of the lumbar spine compared to the extensors, larger amounts of atrophy and weakness appeared to occur in the extensors. 

The lumbar multifidus (MF) muscles will maintain the stability of the lumbar spine, and the erector spinae (ES) are “global stabilizers,” meaning they stabilize everything.

When the best reviewed chiropractor in Lacey treats patients that happen to have cLBP, we usually prescribe rehabilitation  exercises that improve motor control. These exercises also help strengthen muscles, and promote aerobic capacity. Did you know that walking backwards is something that can potentially help? 

Walking backwards works your lower limb muscles and reduces any stress on the kneecap. The best reviewed chiropractor in Lacey wants you to know that this is important information because knee pain can come along with low back pain. Walking backward stretches the hamstrings, which can also be good for patients with low back pain.

The best reviewed chiropractor in Lacey wants you to know that walking backward is something vital in healing low back pain. We also recommend that you use this in your normal exercise routine to eliminate any chance of acquiring low back pain.

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