Common insurance companies like Premera Blue Cross, Blue Cross / Blue Shield and Kaiser allow a certain amount of visits per year which can be used to help treat or prevent pain. Usually, people do not know exactly what visits can be covered until they must use it to treat a specific problem. Well, here at Warwick Chiropractic in Lacey, we can tell you that your insurance may possibly cover you for a certain amount of chiropractic visits each year.

Use it Before You Lose it

Depending on your type of insurance, you may have a dozen visits or even more, but if you do not use these visits, they do not get carried over to the next year. This means that the only way to get value for these insurance dollars is to use up the visits. There are many benefits to utilizing these visits.

  1. If you have been suffering with pain issue, even if it is small, waiting longer to get it looked at will mean that this issue gets worse and worse. Once the new year rolls around, you may have to go more often to treat the issue, which means using up your covered visits for next year quickly.
  2. Time is of the essence. We are in already in early November, you may have a dozen or more visits on hand to use up before the end of the year. While you may not need to use all these visits, using at least some of them will benefit you. Any pain you have can be treated now, leaving you a more pain free holiday season.
  3. If you ignore any pain, in the long run that may turn into chronic pain which means that when you need treatment towards the end of the year, you may not find relief until the new year where continuing therapy is needed. You will have to eat into next year’s visits before the issue is resolved. Plus, you will be constantly putting up with pain. Who wants that?
  4. You’ve paid for these visits. Part of your premium goes towards these visits anyway, so why not take advantage? Even if you are not in pain, having an adjustment can help loosen you up, reduce the risk of developing pain and make you feel even better.

If you are currently dealing with any sort of pain, come into see us at Warwick Chiropractic in Lacey. This will allow you to use up your visits to set you on a good track with your insurance, and help you to reduce the risk of pain developing. The benefits are there and we are open for your convenience from 9am to 6.00pm Monday to Thursday. We are walk in friendly so you don’t even need an appointment! If you have any questions relating to insurance (we know it’s not a very straight forward subject), we invite you to check out our insurance information page. And if you have particular questions about your insurance and what you are covered for, call us 360-951-4504. Alternatively walk in and see us.  

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