Low back pain treatment – have you tried this option?

When suffering from back pain, many individuals cease certain activities to reduce pain; however, core muscles in the midsection become deconditioned over time because of this, which ultimately can result in further pain and damage. So to properly treat the pain, one must first strengthen the core muscles, to improve levels of pain and reduce stress. Exercise Slowly, and consider trying 1 to 3 sets, at 10 reps each, to build up strength for exercises you are performing.

Your abdominal muscles are incorporated of 4 groups which are: the rectus abdominus (which attach the pelvic area to stomach fibers), the internal obliques (interlapped on the inside, where fibers run down and inward), the external oblique (your fibers run down and out),and the transverse abdominus (where fibers run horizontally and attach to back muscles). So consider 3 levels of exercise starting with the easier (1 sit up), a moderate exercise (2 doing leg lifts at a 90 degree angle), to the hardest (3 which is a double leg lift with sit up), your rectus is stimulated with the upward motion, and obliques will stimulate with a trunk twist. Employing an abdominal brace if you incorporate stomach punching will help ease tension and reduce stress on the muscles.

To strengthen the lower back you can do exercises like the bird dog (where you kneel on all fours), and straighten the opposite arm and leg simultaneously. You can switch to more difficult levels 2 and 3, simply by holding the position for a longer period of time, to strengthen core muscles. The superman is another exercise, where you lay on your stomach and simultaneously raise the legs and arms. You can increase difficulty (level 2 and 3) by holding the position longer, and raising the level of your arms and legs over time.

Side bridge planks are great to strengthen the obliques. For level 1 intensity hold for 6 seconds while on the knees; at level 2, you can hold the position on your feet, and at level 3, simply hold the position on your feet (not thighs) and forearm. You can also mix it up to avoid too much tension or stress. Your Local Lacey Olympia Chiropractor Dr David Warwick Located near Seattle Tacoma WA, indicates these, and other great exercises, will help rebuild strength after an injury. It is important to go slowly, stay in your comfort zone, and always have fun with these exercises for optimal results.

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