Hi Everyone

With people working more in the yard or in the house and even returning to work – injuries once again start to happen.

I wanted to share with you that using a back brace, support  or DME (Durable Medical Equipment) can greatly reduce your pain, support the injury and return you back to your activities or work much sooner than without.

We offer various types of back braces based upon your needs.

I use an SI Belt when my SI (Sacro-Iliac) “goes out”.

Just happened a few weeks ago.

I had to wear the SI Belt while adjusting you and even got adjusted from Dr Waling at least 4 or 5 times.

It was so bad that I was leaning over. But once I got adjusted, put ice on my back and wore the SI Belt I felt much improvement.

Let’s face it – it helps. If it helps me – it will help you.

After all these years, when my back goes out it usually takes me about 3-4-5 visits to really feel like its healing again.

I just know this. And the same is for you.

So I am not the kind of patient that is goes away in “1” visit. Sometimes it even gets worse but I know it will continue to heal and get better.

And then I found this research and wanted to share because I practice what I share with you as well as my family & friends and even myself.

So next time you are in see if I have a back brace that is right for you.

Before I keep rambling on here’s the research I mentioned earlier.

***Research: Lumbar Supports May Ease LBP

Annals of Physical Rehabilitation Medicine:

[For patients with non-specific LBP] “We demonstrated the overall efficacy of non-rigid lumbar supports for both disability and pain.” 

Gignoux P, Lanhers C, Dutheil F, Boutevillain L, Pereira B, Coudeyre E. Non-rigid lumbar supports for the management of non-specific low back pain: a literature review and meta-analysis [published online ahead of print, 2020 Jun 16]. Ann Phys Rehabil Med. 2020;S1877-0657(20)30120-2. doi:10.1016/


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