Low back pain is perhaps the most common cause of missed work days in the United States. It is also the most popular reason to visit a doctor. We can vouch for this at lour Lacey chiropractor office as we see more and more back pain patients every year. The good news is, we can help them.

The American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society both recommend spinal manipulation therapy as the primary treatment to help with low back pain. This is in stark contrast of the normal prescription for NSAIDS to help with the problem. Of course, America has a huge drug problem at the moment, and some of the cause of this has been via prescription of pain medication which has led to a dependency on them. The issue is becoming so critical that some states have taken it into their own hands and one in particular, West Virginia has introduced an interesting bill.

This bill firstly means the primary doctor should send the patient out for chiropractic care or physical therapy before considering NSAIDS. Chiropractic treatment has been shown to be most beneficial to low back pain and should clear up the majority of issues without the need for medication. Should a patient still have problems after their course of treatment, then a doctor may then prescribe NSAID to help with the pain. But it means that the patient will have the best chance of success with conservative treatment where there are no side affects.

And chiropractors not only adjust and help with low back pain, but they are also able to educate and provide exercises for the patient to work on in their home or even office to help prevent it coming back.

It’s clear that chiropractic does work and is finally making its move into mainstream medicine. If you are in pain, come and see us at our Lacey chiropractor office where we can treat you and help to reduce your pain. You can make an appointment via our online booking system, or call us on 360-951-4504 or simply walk in.

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