A question that we seem to receive often is should I get my neck cracked? It could seem very scary or nerve wrecking, but we are going to dispel any fear that you are having. If you have any worries or apprehensions about any type of procedure, feel free to ask us any questions. We are happy to answer. There are many types of treatment that we can use on a patient, so if you don’t want to have your neck cracked, we can take other measures.

There are lots of different stretches, exercise, traction, and use  of instrumentation that we have. A tool we can use is the arthur stim. This sends 12 impulses into the area that is controlled to heal the specific area. The force can be as low or high as you want it to be. The other one that we have is “the clicker,” or the activator, and the integrator. The amount of force on this one can also be changed.

All of these instruments are used by many different chiropractors, and can tremendously help heal your pain and injuries. With this being said, you should never feel like you have to get your neck cracked, because there are lots of different ways to take care of your body.

If you are still uncomfortable with this idea, your chiropractor will talk to you and make you feel comfortable/ ease your worries by answering any questions you have about the above treatments. So the key thing to do is simply communicate with your chiropractor and helping them tailor the approach that works for you. We never know what you are feeling in your boyd; we only know what we can find, this means collaborating and meeting halfway.

Sometimes, taking a gentler approach is okay. Is getting your neck cracked beneficial to you? Of course it is, but in the end it is all about your body and what you feel comfortable with. We will work through your pain with you in the way you want to. Come see us any time with questions you have or call us today 360-951-4504.

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