Lacey Chiropractic shares the following information relating to shoulder pain: The shoulder consists of four different joints:  the sternoclavicular (collar bone/breast bone), acromioclavicular (the “roof” of the ball & socket joint), glenohumeral (the ball & socket joint), and scapulothoracic joints (shoulder blade/rib cage joint). The shoulder area also has many other structures that can imitate shoulder pain. Mostly, the upper back and rib cage.

Most shoulder pain sufferers feel pain in the top of the shoulder which lies between the upper arm and neck. This could mean dysfunction in the neck, since the patient is referring to this area. In regards to the upper arm, it is possible that the shoulder is the pain indicator, but further questioning is needed to form a diagnosis.  If raising the arm above 90 degrees causes pain, it could possibly be an impingement causes by a bursa or tendon that is swollen, or even a tear of the rim of the socket.’

To distinct between the possible causes, different orthopedic tests are done to diagnose. Sometimes, an MRI may have to be done in order to find a full cause.

While MRI’s are good to show muscles, they can sometimes show too much information. Normal changes like tears and frayed tissues which do not cause pain can be shown because of the immense detail of the MRI. This makes finding the actual pain indicator difficult since there are other distractions shown.

Treatment can include surgical procedures, but studies have found that conservative approaches, like chiropractic treatment can be just as effective. A review found this information:

•  Subacromial impingement syndrome: Exercise is as good as surgery at one, two-, four-, and five-year follow-ups (costs much less than a surgical procedure).
•  Rotator cuff partial thickness tears ( less than 75%): Exercise is as effective as surgery (without the costliness).
•  Atraumatic full thickness rotator cuff tears: Exercise significantly reduces the need for surgery by 75%.
•  Subacromial impingement syndrome: Exercise decreases the need for surgery (up to 80%).

Lacey chiropractic wants you to know if you suffer from shoulder pain not to think that surgery is your only option. There are other available treatments offered that cost a fraction of the price. Chiropractors use many different treatments like manual therapies, exercise training, and the use of modalities. These all help to improve shoulder motion and help support all surrounding structures. There are also no risks to this care compared to the countless amounts of surgery risks. Make sure to remember that treatments can take up to 12 moths in order to receive complete relief, but this number is often much lower for most patients.

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