We talk about cracking and popping joints a lot on our videos and blog posts and it has led to a great deal of questions. Do you really crack the joints? What makes that cracking sound? Does it hurt? Well, the answer to these questions can be found by watching this video below. It shows what happens when bones are adjusted or cracked under the watchful eye of an MRI scan.

I discovered this video after it had been shared by another chiropractor elsewhere in the country and it shows and explains really well what actually happens when bones are cracked. And the answer might actually surprise you.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


So with that being said, those of you who were afraid of having your joints cracked, what do you think now? Now you know exactly what goes on during the adjustment does it make you feel better? Your bones and joints aren’t being cracked at all, it’s simply gas build up that is being compressed and popped during the adjustment. Nothing more. And it does help accelerate pain relief and getting you back to a fully functional range of motion.

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