Chiropractic care has been in use for over 100 years to treat musculoskeletal conditions outside of the traditional medical model like medication‘s, injections, and surgery. Chiropractic care is more cost effective and can reduce the need for additional procedures and care. This means that it can benefit the healthcare system. We at Warwick Chiropractic have been preaching this for years.

Check out some of these studies to back this claim up…

A study done in 2019 was conducted on 95 patients at a community healthcare center with either sub acute or chronic low back pain. The research team found that 70% of patients that received chiropractic care had improvements in pain and disability and only cost the healthcare system about $1000. Most of these patients did not require additional medical care, which means that the introduction of chiropractic treatment in the setting reduced the cost of healthcare per patient between 2000 and $6000.

A similar study in 2021 was done where researchers looked at Medicare claims from 28,000 adults with chronic low back pain. The study found that long-term costs were lower when patients receive chiropractic care as their primary care rather than opioid therapy.

Another study found that seniors with back pain are two times more likely to experience an escalation in care if their first treatment involves opioids rather than spinal manipulative therapy. A 2020 to study concluded that patients who experienced spinal pain that see a doctor of chiropractic as their first treatment are less likely to receive an opioid prescription, receive a spinal injection, or see a specialist within the next six months than those who initially see a medical doctor. 

The best bit of chiropractic…

Invasive procedures and services can put a patient at risk for harmful side effects or complications. Medicare claims found that seniors who sought out treatment for thier low back pain were 42 times more likely to experience a drug event in 5 years if they chose to use opioids first rather than smt. 

Chiropractic care is a safer, less invasive way to help a patient return to normal activities without the harmful side effects that opioids and other procedures carry.  It may also reduce the need for other healthcare services, which helps the patient and healthcare system save money. This is what chiropractic care can do for you.

If you have back or neck pain, come see us today. Our short term care aims to get you out of pain the right way. No invasive treatments… no drugs or medication… just good conservative treatment with no side effects. 

Our doctors all share the same outlook and protocols, The Warwick Way, and are on hand to help you out of pain when you need it. Walk in today and find relief from your pain.

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