Poor Posture and How You Can Improve it in Lacey Olympia

Slouching and poor posture can be the cause of headaches and neck pain, but can sometimes be linked to even more serious health problems and bad posture.

Sitting for long amounts of time is unhealthy in itself, so adding a slouched posture often have a negative impact of several vital functions, one being digestion. Other side effects include, heart burn, discomfort, and constipation.

The space that holds organs is also affected by slouching, specifically the lungs. Slouching restricts the ability to take in a deep breath and forcing the air out. For example, despite many thinking it is only to look good, this is why conductors have musicians sit completely straight with their heads up and feet grounded.

Adding on, the risk of depression is increased by 47% if sitting for seven or more hours per day. Along with this, slouching decreases energy levels.

On the contrary, sitting up straight expands alertness, decreases tiredness, and boosts work rate. Many co workers state that someone who slouches over their desk seems to lack motivation and is not interested. Workstations that allow sitting and standing are becoming more popular, with the budget friendly option to turn an ordinary desk into a standing desk. Studies have shown that the option to alter positions throughout the day improves productivity and performance. If switching positions is not accessible, exercises that can be performed at the desk are a great way to improve sitting posture. These include chin retractions, which help strengthen neck flexor muscles, and stretching chest muscles and pelvic stabilization exercises to help keep the core fit.

Sitting for long periods of time can also increase the risk for spider veins, especially in women. These can even lead to varicose veins. Sitting changes the blood flow in the legs from compression, so it is important to have the correct fitting chair and to avoid slouching. Not following these protocols could not only leave you with spider or varicose veins, but even blood clots.

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