What’s causing your pain?

A rapid back and forth motion occurring during a rear-end collision is the leading culprit of neck pain, headache, and other pain associated with whiplash. Slip and falls and sporting injuries can also result in such headache and neck pain individuals seek pain relief from. Where is this muscle tightness and pain associated with the occurrence coming from? Whether seeking lower back pain treatment, general pain relief, or back pain relief, the right chiropractors can help.


In only the first 50 to 100 milliseconds when the accident occurs the body below the neck is pushed forward and straightens the neck. From 100 to 200 msec the lower portion of the neck moves towards the upper half flexes, this is then followed by the head rebounding forward, where the seatbelt and air bag help minimize impact. In many instances we don’t even see it coming due to how quickly it occurs. The angle of the seat, a person’s build, speed, and other factors will contribute to the pain and injuries a chiropractor such as Dr David Warwick can treat. These are just some instances of what’s causing your pain.

Understand What Causes Pain

But, individuals who seek pain relief have to initially understand what’s actually causing the pain. Muscle pain, ligament, or something completely different? Four categories of WAD (whiplash associated disorders) can occur. Among those treated by Dr David Warwick in Lacey WA or in the Seattle WA area include:

(1) no findings during exam (or few symptoms),

(2) no nerve pain but moderate finding of pain,

(3) weakness, nerve pain, or tingling sensation, or

(4) dislocations and fracture from the impact.


Cervical strain is a term which implies ligament damage and pain. The muscles move the joints and bones while the ligaments remain in place holding the bones in place. Strain refers to a muscle or tendon injury. The grades of these injuries go from: one, two, three, or mild, moderate, and severe. The rate at which healing occurs will depend on the level of tearing, and pain typically lasts for a long period of time, especially for individuals who do not respect (give time) to the healing process.


So what’s causing your pain? Muscle layers in the neck make it extremely unique. Layers on the exterior do a different job than those on the interior, and muscles on the exterior are typically larger/longer, for more support, while those on the interior are short, helping control movement and muscle coordination. Muscles on the interior aren’t voluntary, so one must first gain control of the exterior muscles and inhibit them, in order to allow deep healing to occur. Patients in Lacey WA and Seattle WA will benefit from isolation strength training, proper chiropractor care, and allowing a sufficient amount of time for healing to occur.

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