Often times, patients respond differently to treatments. The trick is how to know which low back pain patients will benefit the most from spinal manipulation (SA) and exercise together. A study done in 2011 helped answer this exact question, which Dr. David Warwick will show you.

Directional preference (DP) basically shows which direction it feels better to move in for a patient. For example, if a patient feels worse leaning forwards and feels okay leaning backwards, then “extension based exercises” are recommended.

Additionally, if any leg pain is apparent, the Directional preference that reduces or takes away pain is the exercise biased direction. It is very important to avoid any exercise that would increase the leg pain.

In another study done with 584 patients experiencing low back pain, 60 percent has a Directional preference and of those patients, 60 percent had CEN. Those with DP that reduced CEN took the care the best (SA combined with exercise). The patients that had no Directional preference did not experience much improvement.

Using a system like this one allows a chiropractor like Dr. David Warwick to figure out which exercises are best for each specific patient. It also allows them to find out which patients will respond well to treatment, and those who will need a bit more of an aggressive treatment.

With that being said, if you feel better bending backwards, Dr. David Warwick suggests you use these exercises: bending backwards, extension from standing, prone press ups, hugging a gym ball, or extending your back over a big stack of pillows.

There are more exercises you can do but Dr. David Warwick has in fact put together a series of back (and neck) exercises you can try.

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